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10 August 2012
Experiments with Victorian and Federal Police
We’ve just finished running experiments with fingerprint examiners at the Victoria and Australian Federal Police. Thanks so much to all those who participated. Below is a participant hooked up to an eye tracker that measures pupil dilation. It’s another tool in our arsenal for understanding the nature of forensic expertise.

Forensic Reasoning Data Collection

23 July 2012
IAI Conference
Matthew Thompson presented to a packed room at the 97th Annual Conference of the International Association for Identification in Phoenix, Arizona. He presented the results of an experiment showing that qualified, court-practicing fingerprint experts are exceedingly accurate compared with novices, but are not infallible. And considered the ramifications for the future study of forensic expertise, and the implications for expert testimony and public policy.

1 June 2012
Law, Science, and Evidence Workshop
Reasoning Project people Tangen, Edmond and Thompson were invited to the PULSE Workshop on Law, Science, and Evidence hosted by Jennifer Mnookin and Jerry Kang at UCLA. We had thoughtful and productive exchanges with Simon Cole, Bill Thompson, Michael Risinger, and more!

7 May 2012
Fingerprint Scientific Working Group
The Australian National Institute of Forensic Science and the Australian Fingerprint Scientific Working Group organised a workshop to discuss Errors in the fingerprint discipline: Definitions, implications and measures. Reasoning Project people Tangen and Edmond presented on the implications of recent empirical studies of fingerprint matching expertise, how to manage error in identification, and the expression of expert testimony. Thank you to fellow Reasoning people Duncan McCarthy and Bruce Comber who chaired the event.

21 February 2012
Surveillance in Everyday Life Conference
Reasoning Project people Tangen and Edmond presented their work on CCTV and other technologies as evidence and proof in the criminal justice system at the Surveillance in Everyday Life Conference.

3 December 2011
Impressions & Expressions Conference
Jason Tangen spoke at a conference hosted by the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences: “Impressions & Expressions: Expert Evidence in Reports & Courts”. The conference brought together a wide range of speakers drawn from experts in law, medicine and science to explore current issues about forensic expert evidence in reports and courts. Thank you to Gary Edmond and others for organising such an important and timely discussion.

30 November 2011
Jason Tangen spoke at a meeting of the Senior Managers of Australian and New Zealand Forensic Laboratories (SMANZFL). Joined by Prof Claude Roux and Carolyne Bird he spoke on, “To Provide Context or not to Provide Context – that is the question!” Jason’s take on the issue was that the question is an empirical one and that we need more and better research to find the answer, before making policy decisions.

1 November 2011
Linkage Grant Success
The Forensic Reasoning Project has been successful in obtaining an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant (LP120100063) based at The University of Queensland. The four year, $332,000 grant will help researchers and forensic experts understand the nature of expertise in identification to improve training and the value of expert testimony in the criminal justice system. Partner organisations include the Australian Federal Police, the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency National Institute of Forensic Science Australia, and the Queensland Police Service.

31 October 2011
FIB-R Subsumed
The Forensic Informatics Biometric Repository (FIB-R) has been subsumed by The Forensic Reasoning Project. We will provide details on obtaining materials from the repository soon.